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Every business accounts package on the market claims to be easy to use, yet we found that not to be the case which is why we originally wrote this software. InstantAdmin is an easy-to-use business software for the self employed, partnerships and small business which combines elegant simplicity with powerful versatility!

InstantAdmin.NET is a C#.NET-based proprietary solution that allows users to upload a database schema, such as a DBML and our software will analyze it and create a web-based admin automatically, including CRUD on all tables and built-in security!

InstantAdmin.NET is not only an intuitive yet powerful software package that allows you to convert your database schema into a full-blown and working admin for your software. All seamlessly integrated enabling you to get things done in minutes rather than hours.

You can try InstantAdmin.NET free of charge for 30 days. Once you are happy with the product you can buy an Activation Code to permanently unlock the software and continue using it. All data entered during the trial period will be saved for you.

Because InstantAdmin is only available direct from this website we can cut out the middle man and pass the savings on to you; InstantAdmin will save you thousands of dollars in development costs!

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Get an Admin in Seconds

InstantAdmin is so easy. Just upload your database schema (DMBL or similar file) and you will receive a zip file with your admin ready to go.

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Easily Manipulate the Admin

Once you download your zip file, you can edit as needed and customize. Our integrated tools will then allow you to sync new database changes through our API, and you will receive your latest UI instantly

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Enjoy our clean & beautiful UI

You and your customers can then use our interface, knowing it is always up to date and built on our fantastic security

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"We recently switched all of our database UI design to the InstantAdmin platform and we have been thrilled. We get an amazing admin right out of the box, with a lot of flexibility for our developers!"

Susan Stanley, CEO


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